The GitHub repository of the I.E.D.-Forum aims at serving as a central hub for scripts, missions, mods and templates for the Arma 3 editing community. Below is a short description of the projects currently held:


This template was designed in order to ease the amount of work required when editing a mission for Arma 3. Although originally envisaged to satisfy the needs of the 1er Regiment Aerotransportat (1RA) of the Catalan community of simulation Cavallers del Cel, its scope has broaden and become more general. Each and every one of the features listed below can be activated/deactivated either at mission start or by simply commenting a line in a text file. More information can be found in the repository and the wiki.

  • ACE3: automatic configuration without requiring any module placement in the editor.
  • ASR AI 3: automatic configuration. It can be enabled/disabled at mission start.
  • Support for TFAR and ACRE 2: Each mission can be played with one or the other without any further configuration including, but not limited to, channel configuration, stereo configuration and frequency configuration. Which mod is used can be selected at mission start.
  • Join-in-Progress (JIP) support and JIP safe equipment functions.
  • Introduction screen(s) and briefing templates per faction.
  • Automatic Zeus for administrator without requiring placing a module in the editor.
  • Custom respawn template: allows for tickets, unlimited respawns and no respawns. It also supports custom respawn positions per faction and is compatible with ACE 3 Revive and ALiVE.

Repository where different scripts that are less general and are more mission dependent are placed. These range from teleporting, wounding,  etc.

This repository contains all those missions that are shared in the I.E.D. Forum. Feel free to contact in order to upload your mission.

Each misson is stored in its own folder and the name convention used is the following:

  • IED_aa@bb-cc_MissionName.Island
  • IED_aa@x_MissionName.Island (when the number of players is variable)


  • aa is the type of mission: co (Cooperative), tvt (Team vs team), …
  • bb is the minimum number of players.
  • cc is the maximum number of players.
  • MissionName is the short name of the mission without spaces.
  • Island is the map identifier: Altis, Stratis, Kunduz, Tanoa.